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document Resubmitting mail in the Archive Viewer
Applies to: GWAVA 3 Problem/Question: How to resubmit mail in the archive viewer Resolution: To resubmit a message to the user: 1....
Not rated 12 Sep, 2011 Views: 945 Comments: 0
document 501 Authentication failed
Applies to: GWAVA version 3.x Problem/Question "501 authentication failed" error   Resolution: This error, when...
Not rated 07 Oct, 2011 Views: 1898 Comments: 0
document Error: initdb:unable to set prograshow_datatypes=on
Applies to: GWAVA 3.x using SQL Archiving. Problem/Question: Error: initdb:unable to set prograshow_datatypes=on(50,...
Not rated 07 Oct, 2011 Views: 846 Comments: 0
document Archive Import Tool usage
Applies to: GWAVA 3.x Problem/Question: How to use the Archive Import Tool Resolution: To import e-mails that have been archived in folder...
Not rated 12 Sep, 2011 Views: 897 Comments: 0
document WSAEWOULDBLOCK Error when resubmitting
Applies to: GWAVA 3.0 and above. Problem/Question: Getting WSAEWOULDBLOCK error when resubmitting messages. Resolution: This error...
Not rated 12 Sep, 2011 Views: 1046 Comments: 0
document Using SQL Archiving in GWAVA 3.x
Applies to: GWAVA 3.5 Problem/Question:  How to use the SQL Archiving feature? Answer: GWAVA 3.5 until GWAVA 4 is by default set to...
Not rated 10 Oct, 2011 Views: 864 Comments: 0