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document How to Upload Logs to Support's FTP Server
Applies to: All GWAVA Products (Blueprint, Guinevere, GWAVA, GWAVIX, Redline, Reload, Retain, Reveal, Vertigo, and WASP) Issue/Question: How do...
rating 17 Apr, 2017 Views: 3056 Comments: 0
document Leveraging the Google Search Engine for KB Article Searches
Applies to: All GWAVA Products Google Search Engine Issue/Question: Sometimes I am unable to find the knowledgebase article that I am looking...
rating 26 Jan, 2016 Views: 1107 Comments: 0
document Gwava randomly blocking mail from SPF record
Gwava randomly blocking mail from SPF record Issue: Gwava sporadically blocking mail for SPF record.  Resolution: The problem is...
Not rated 22 Aug, 2016 Views: 586 Comments: 0
document Change the qms logout link
Applies to: Gwava QMS. Question or Issue: How to change the logout button link in the qms.  Steps to resolve it: ...
Not rated 24 Feb, 2016 Views: 381 Comments: 0